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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

  • Key Graph Based Shortest Path Algorithms – Part 1: Dijkstra’s And Bellman-Ford +
  • Portfolio optimization with Quantum Computing
  • Multi Gigabyte R data.table for Ohio Voter Registration/History
  • Importance of Hyper-parameters in Model development
  • Deep Learning from first principles in Python, R and Octave
  • Docker in 10 minutes
  • Scene-rendering with Google’s DeepMind
  • 5 Most Preferred Programming Languages for AI Engineers in 2020
  • HandWiki encyclopedia of datascience
  • Typo Fixes in ML Coding in a Weekend

Featured Articles

  • Why the Concept of “Citizen Data Scientist” Terrifies Me
  • Business Analytics vs Data Analytics in One Picture
  • Just How Much Does the Future Depend on AI?
  • How Can Companies Get The Most Value Out Of Their Data
  • 2020 Challenge: Unlearn to Change Your Frame
  • Ten strategies to implement AI on the Cloud and Edge
  • Machine Learning in Finance: Benefits, Use Cases and Opportunities
  • Top Data Science Use Cases in HR
  • Machine Learning in Banking – Opportunities, Risks, Use Cases
  • RPA + Machine Learning = Intelligent Automation
  • Does Big Data Impact Business Mobile App Development?
  • Blockchain for Fintech: now and tomorrow

Picture of the Week

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