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Featured Resources and Technical Contributions 

  • Supervised Learning vs Unsupervised & Semi Supervised in One Picture
  • 25 Great Articles and Tutorials on Classification Methods
  • Julia and The Reincarnation of Lisp
  • You should stop worrying about R vs. Python vs. whatever the tool
  • Overcoming surprises faced by Programmers migrating to ML projects
  • Text Classification using Neural Networks
  • Using SAS Viya to Analyze Love at First Sight
  • 22 Timeless Reference Books
  • Parsing gigabyes of JSON per second in Go

Featured Articles

  • Economics of Composable, Reusable Analytic Modules
  • MLOps vs. DevOps: the similarities and differences
  • An Argument in Favor of Centaur AI
  • Upskilling: What Is A Learning Sprint?
  • Visually Explained: What Companies Get Wrong About Failure?
  • Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning in Retail Industry
  • Quantum Computing + Bayesian Networks = Future AI
  • Web Personalisation with Drupal and Machine Learning
  • Kubernetes and high performance object storage are tech’s new building blocks
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Online Coupon Industry

Picture of the Week

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