PM Khan urges people to follow SOPs to curb COVID cases

Prime Minister Imran Khan is responding to public queries via telephone today, live.

One of the callers complained about people thronging Eid bazaars because the government had restricted business hours to stem the spread of the pandemic. 

In response, the prime minister acknowledged the move was a quandary as the government wanted to reduce human interaction by decreasing the hours at which business and markets operated.

However, he realised that because of the move, more people flocked to markets and business centres to avail the shortened hours. 

The prime minister urged people to wear face masks and practice social distancing to stem the spread of the virus.

Answering another question by the same caller, he said Pakistan was trying to produce vaccines locally and in this regard, he would “soon give glad tidings to the nation”.

The caller had also asked the prime minister whether he was satisfied with his team of ministers and advisors. In response, PM Imran Khan gave the analogy of a cricket team, saying that out of a team of 11 players, not everyone can perform exceedingly well.

“Not everyone can be a superstar,” he said, adding that ministers who do not perform will be excluded from the team.

“If the ministers and advisors do not perform, the team will have to be changed,” he said. 

In response to another caller, the prime minister said it was a fact that most of the Western countries and their media, used human rights issues to promote their foreign policy objectives rather than provide justice to victims. 

Speaking on India’s efforts to counter Chinas a growing military and economic power, he said it was a futile effort on New Delhi’s part, adding that India will suffer in the process. 

He addressed concerns by Kashmiris of Pakistan returning to the negotiating table with India, saying that till New Delhi did not reverse its August 5 decision of scrapping Article 370, the government of Pakistan will not hold any dialogue with it. 

The public can call and speak to the prime minister dialling 051-9224900. The live interaction will be aired through radio and other social media platforms.

The prime minister has been regularly appearing in live TV programmes, enthusiastically joined by people from every walk of life who frequently pose different questions about national, global and other common issues.

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