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About me

I am a Software Engineer at Robert Bosch Engineering and Private Solution with 1 Year of Experience.

Why I wanted to learn Python

As the World is moving towards the Automation,so Scripting language is Necessary to do .so I decided to learn the Python Language

How I approached learning Python

First I started with the online Course in Udemy for basics .After then I solved couple of problems in hackerrank,and then i moved to solve the real life problems like Sending emails automatically to birthday friends and many more

Challenges I faced

In the Beginning stage i faced many challenges in programming errors and after that i learned to solve those errors using many websites and forums.

Key takeaways

Automate the real life activities using python,browser automation using selenium, Get the Cricket score in your mobile text message

Tips and advice

Learn the Scripting language that can enable you to automate your daily activities from office to home.

Final thoughts and next steps

I am interested in Data Science and Machine learning so now I am learning that and I create the some kind of models like predict the email is spam or not , Employee salary prediction and many more.

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Sr. SDET M Mehedi Zaman

Currently working as Sr. SDET at Robi Axiata Limited, a subsidiary of Axiata Group.

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