How Advance analytics helping Gaming Industry

How Advance analytics helping Gaming Industry

The whole world is talking about artificial intelligence (AI), and it has been around for a while now. The specialty of AI is that it makes our jobs easier. AI finds its place on top of the charts in the technology space. To become a successful professional in artificial intelligence, one needs the knowledge of computer science, cognitive psychology and engineering.

Machine learning (ML) is a subset of AI, and advanced analytics is a part of data science, with data science also being a subset of AI. AI is a vast subject dealing with the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. So let’s understand machine learning and advanced analytics separately and see how online gaming platforms are getting benefited by these two technologies.

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning is an application of AI that provides computers with the ability to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed automatically. ML focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it to learn for themselves.

Machine learning enables analysis of massive quantities of data. While it generally delivers faster, it gives more accurate results.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is a part of data science that uses high-level methods and tools to focus on projecting future trends, events, and behaviors. This gives organizations an ability to perform advanced statistical models such as ‘what-if’ calculations, and various future-proof aspects of their operations.

Marketing groups can make excellent use of the analytics, as their work involves understanding consumer preferences and deciphering how they will evolve in the future. It helps them plan their strategies and campaigns with more confidence and precision.

How Online Gaming Platforms Benefit from Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Online gaming platforms have made huge investments to get benefits of ML and advanced analytics. According to a KPMG report, the online gaming industry in India is expecting to create $1 billion opportunities for India by 2021. And, it is expected to reach 190 million online gamers.

Online gaming companies have high expectations with 350 million smartphone users in India, and they are using ML and analytics to achieve their goals.

With the help of machine learning and advanced analytics, Indian online gaming companies have seen great heights in the past decade. The state-of-the-art technologies have made it easier for them to drive customer acquisition, revenue maximization and personalization across the country. Online gaming companies’ user bases are enormous, with millions of players engaging on the platforms.

When leading technologies started to prove their worth, Indian online gaming companies implemented them without any second thoughts. Capturing data plays a significant role in boosting the user base for online gaming companies. They have incorporated dedicated servers for real-time data capturing and use advance analytics dashboards for monitoring critical metrics as part of the strategy.

With several regular investments for leveraging data, gaming companies segment numbers and run targeted data-driven campaigns on multiple channels. Platforms like Google Analytics and Adobe Marketing Suite provide real-time data for such companies to plan their marketing efforts.

These data tools help in the end-to-end tracking of users with real-time segmentation. It also guides the companies in multichannel communication and cross-device marketing as well. And, they also get more bandwidth to do their A/B testing for successful product journeys.

Technology Heap

Depending on the geographical areas, companies use different databases and languages to reach their targeted customers by making use of artificial intelligence algorithms. SQL, NoSQL, Hive, Mongo DB, Cassandra, Hadoop, and Dynamo DB are the most used databases, depending on the type of data. Languages like R, Python, Java, JavaScript, Html5, CSS, NodeJS, React, Native Android, and iOS are popular.

With the help of both business intelligence and data science, data is used for building predictive and descriptive models.

Online gaming companies have a huge demand for professionals with expertise in computer science, software engineering and cognitive psychology.

Identifying Real Gaming Enthusiasts

Though there is an increase in the number of users who want to play Indian rummy, for example, the gaming industry has become highly competitive. So it is crucial to identify real churners of the game like who is consuming more volume, what are their interests and how their experience can be improved. When every company is trying to woo users with rewards and offers to increase their engagement time, the AI algorithms target relevant audiences and help in boosting ROI significantly.

Final thoughts

Machine learning and advanced analytics have made a significant impact on 24×7 games like online rummy or teen patti. The state-of-the-art technologies understand user intent by analyzing their online activities and bring them to play online games and provide personalized user experiences.

These technologies also alert players of their gaming time and spends to help them game responsibly while they play rummy or any other game. Thus, machine learning and advanced analytics not only help online gaming platforms but also enhance user experience.

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