Classical Painting: 3 Must-See Videos

We’ve gathered three experts to share their expertise on painting and drawing using classical methods. Join Judith Kudlow in her atelier, with “Classical Painting: The Realist Sight Size Method,” learning how to accurately capture 1-to-1 relationships between a still life and painting. Then, follow expert draftsman Dan Thompson in, “Figure Drawing 2: Gesture,” as he demonstrates how to bring life and energy into figure drawing. Finally, simplify the portrait painting process with Joy Thomas in her video, “Painting Oil Portraits with a Limited Palette.” Three classic videos from three incredible artists!

1. Classical Painting: The Realist Sight Size Method

It’s not life-size, it’s the size you see when you need it to be with the foolproof system: the sight-size method. Atelier instructor Judith Kudlow demonstrates how to use her proven method for creating accurate drawings and achieving mesmerizing results. You’ll learn how to create stunning still lifes as Judith takes you step by step through the painting process, from creating a calculated drawing to achieving exact color tones to a finished painting. This incredible workshop takes the guesswork out of drawing and painting proportions. Join Judith as she shares her best-kept secret for creating immaculate renderings that have made her the success she is today!


2. Figure Drawing: Gesture

Add richness and animation to your figure drawings—working from a live model. Join Dan Thompson as he reveals his approach to capturing a likeness of stance and distribution of weight in the body. Dan shares ten directives of proportion and shape, including linear extension, and negative shape. In this workshop, you’ll get an in-depth look at his process and how he achieves his life-like results.


3. Painting Oil Portraits with a Limited Palette

Uncover new and exciting oil painting tips for creating a realistic portrait in this video from Joy Thomas. In “Painting Oil Portraits with a Limited Palette,” you’ll follow along as Joy creates a portrait from start to finish. Each lesson in this workshop features a new aspect of portrait painting in oil from how to mix skin tones to how to add the right amount of highlights to your subject.


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